Visual balance, general wellbeing


A simple and fast way to achieve a state of general wellbeing 


Using SixDEVICE helps to correctly receive and organize visual information and to improve voluntary and involuntary responses to external stimuli and context.

Thanks to the learning and automatism principle, it allows to obtain a rapid changing response of the organism, no matter the age or the pre-existing conditions.

Key benefits of SIXDEVICE

  • partially or totally reduce the tensive symptoms of headache, discomfort and fatigue; reduce visual disturbances or reading fatigue and muscle tension;
  • accelerate rehabilitation processes after accidents, traumas or strokes; improve attention processes, with faster processing and motor response.

 In addition you can


  • increase environmental awareness, exploration, and spatial relationship
  • increase binocular stability in the main positions of gaze
  • increase standing balance in the presence of visual motion stimuli
  • make eye movements without head or cervical compensatory movements or without increasing mandibular tension or contracting breathing
  • increase vestibular, podalic and somato-sensory perceptions
  • increase the autonomous capacity of integration and coordination of receptors
  • increase muscular relaxation, with influence on ROM movements (ROM stands for Range of motion and defines the mobility of a joint), on the frontal plane, on postural closure, on mandibular opening and on energy output


    When our sensory perception is not working properly, we define the system as CLOSED, while a functional system is defined as an OPEN system. The CLOSED system struggles to receive and process information coming from outside.

    The OPEN system, on the other hand, is receptive, efficient and interacts with the outside world, collecting and processing in an organic way all stimuli, including visual ones. It is also more available and responsive to rehabilitation and reprogramming activities, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in a shorter time.

    SIXDEVICE sensory prisms are an absolute novelty.

    They were born from an innovative philosophy and technique: unlike the structural/refractive prisms used in conventional approaches, sensory prisms do not have refractive optical properties or displacement of the point where the image is formed on the retina but allow to rebuild a sensory balance between the different information coming from outside, first of all the visual information.

    The beneficial effects of the application of SIXDEVICE are seen very quickly, after a few seconds, already in the initial phase. The typical and instantaneous response to the application of the device is a global proprioceptive activation, fundamental for self-perception, for the control of movement and body position in space, with an immediate sensation of relaxation and general relief.
    These remarkable positive effects are confirmed even after a short period of time: with only one month of use you can notice a significant improvement in general awareness, movement, orientation, balance and general attitude.


    SiXDEVICE has to be used a few hours a day, in a cyclic mode: an ON phase of 30/60 minutes of use is followed by an OFF phase of at least 30 minutes of non-use, for a daily total average of 180 minutes of use (ON phase). During the ON phase it is possible to carry out any activity of study, work, home activities, walking, with the only exception of sports and driving. The device with elastic band is stackable with prescription glasses, while the frame with rods is compatible with contact lenses. In addition, upon evaluation, it can be used together with orthodontic appliances, insoles and insoles, prostheses and orthotics, splints, The device has been patented in Italy, in the European Union and in the USA.
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