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Spherical monocular Set with biconcave and biconvex lenses.

Set includes 17 monoculars in the following powers:
+0.50; +1.00; +1.50; +2.00; +2.50; +3.00;
-1.00; -1.50; -2.00; -2.50; -3.00; -4.00; -5.00;
-6.00; -7.00; -8.00; -10.00 D

Monoculars with biconcave and biconvex lenses are easy to use for both right and left handed people.

Monoculars are ideal for:
– perceiving the SILO effect;
– accommodative monocular training;
– during mental minus activity.
Frame has an indicator on each side to indicate lens power.

Set also includes a rack made of sponge material.
Frame made of Abs material; 55 mm. optical diameter; blue colour.


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