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VTE StressPoinTest is an instrument which makes possible to apply, consider and evaluate, with reliability and standardization, the following procedures of exam:

– Bell retinoscopy
– Stress Point Retinoscopy
– Near point of accommodation
– Near point of convergence

Bell retinoscopy and Stress Point retinoscopy are two optometric procedures classified among the group of the dynamic retinoscopies.

The aim of such retinoscopies is to deduct, quantity and quality observations and measures, from both eyes while the subject is in activity: with requests of identification, centring and binocularity.

This means, in the case of the Bell retinoscopy, to measure the quantity of accommodation Lag that is missing from the plane where eyes are projecting the convergence, observing the change of the retinal reflex movement to inner preset space where fixation target moves.

Stress Point retinoscopy is very similar to the Bell with the different that, instead of observing the movement of the retin


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