The International Research Center for Cognitive Applied Neuroscience – IrcCAN is a multi-faceted
research center based in Milan (Italy), where cutting-edge basic and applied research in the
fields of cognitive, social, and applied neuroscience takes place.
Moved by a strong dedication to innovation, interdisciplinarity, and multimethodological
approach, IrcCAN brings together professors, researchers, and professionals from many research
areas – such as cognitive and affective neuroscience, applied neuroscience, neuropsychology,

psychophysiology, cognitive psychology, and communication psychology – to promote high-
quality research and training.

Research and training activities benefit from the access to a broad set of neuroscientific tools for
investigation and intervention, including wired and wireless electroencephalography (EEG),
functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), autonomic indices (EDA, HR, HRV, EMG, skin

temperature), eye-tracking systems, non-invasive brain stimulation, wearable biofeedback-
neurofeedback, psychometric and neurocognitive tools for neuropsychological assessment, and

software for design and implementation of experimental tasks.